Aaron Matthew Matthews’ debut is sharp, a touch raunchy, and full of heart, almost in spite of itself.

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Ron Carnage

lives a quiet life on the outskirts of his hometown. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, and despite his name, he doesn't care much for carnage.

He also doesn't remember much.

But when a pal from the old neighborhood comes knocking on his door, bits and pieces come flooding back -- particularly all of the involuntary manslaughter, of which there was plenty. Too much, probably.

Ron enlists anyone willing to help in a quest to find answers. Why is his former love married to the king? Why do octopuses have one arm that doubles as a penis? Is hurling, billed as the fastest game on grass, actually a real sport? Like a real sport that people play?

The story of Ron Carnage, Thinker Boy -- technically an anti-novel -- was built solely to humor and entertain. The characters will, almost in spite of themselves, convince you to care about their well-being by the time the octopus penis arm stuff really ramps up. (There's only a little, we promise.)

It'll be the best several dollars you've ever spent.

click here to read the first 2 chapters!