The Town of Leon

Town of Leon map illustrated by Jessica Khoury

As soon as we started writing about the town of Leon, we knew we’d need a map. An adventure novel without a map on the first page is bullshit. So we did what anyone in the modern age would do, search the hashtag #fantasymap on Instagram and find something that moves you.

After a bit of scrolling we found 2 things. A great example of what we were looking for, and an artist whose work stood out from the rest.

We quickly reached out to @authorjess not knowing what to expect from a random illustrator we found on Instagram. This project has been plagued by scammy illustrators who have tried to us sell other people’s art (and embarrassingly enough have done so successfully), and poorly rendered piles of trash that looked nothing like the “artists” examples in their portfolio. We’ve been sold mountains that look like phalluses, and caves that look like a tent from a budget rental company, so needless to say, we were hesitant.

Needless to say, Jessica KILLED IT!!! The sleepy river town of Leon has truly come to life, and the map has awoken in us a desire to comb back through the story and incorporate more elements from the map that Jessica included.

When the novel is finally published and available for purchase, we hope you all will escape into the town of Leon and the surrounding areas.