Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy Artwork and Preorders are Here!


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Straight up, hiring an illustrator for Ron Carnage has been a bitch. We’ve talked about it a bit in the most recent episode of Pod Carnage, but it boils down to this. An illustrator stringing us along for 6 months as we iron out details for the cover, then totally disappearing, leaving all emails unanswered since August of last year. Wild, right? At least there was no money transferred like the last time… since then it’s been dozens of unanswered emails as we offer to exchange some of our hard earned cash for artwork, but it seemed impossible to coax someone into taking our money.

That’s when Pat sent Tom a life-changing email. The subject line read simply, “bro”, with the body consisting of nothing other than “hahahahahahahahaha” and an attachment. The attachment was something strikingly similar to the image you see above. But Pat’s minimalist illustration that was literally done in MS paint captured Tom’s attention.

Keeping with the theme of this entire project, the artwork was a joke that was never meant to turn into what it did. But here we are, after sampling and brutally criticizing 500 different shades of green, with the official presentation of the cover art for Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy. At it’s core, the colors represent the Leon Bridges (get it?) that span the Leon river, the only thing that connects the Town of Leon from the outside world. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out this Town Map we commissioned from the wonderfully talented Jessica Khoury)

While the photo above is an $8 mockup of what the paperback antinovel will look like, the actual print copy will feature only 3 colors, with no lettering on the cover. Truly, it is anti-art for an antinovel. It represents the core of the Ron Carnage series, we don’t give a fuck about nuthin.

Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy (eBook) is now officially available for pre-order on Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon prohibits the ability to presell the physical copies, but orders for the paperback version will be available on launch day, Friday, March 15. All paperback orders will come with a free eBook download.

We can’t believe this joke turn passion project has gone this far, and we are so incredibly excited to be sharing this great news with you.

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