Meet Gene the Nerdy Octopus!

Gene the Nerdy Octopus illustration by Cameron McCafferty

At some point we came across Cameron McCafferty on Twitter as he was displaying some very impressive illustration of Dungeons & Dragons characters, and knew he had to create something for us.

Gene the Nerdy Octopus was added to our story by the recommendation of a friend. She said every good fantasy novel a lovable animal sidekick, so in the story, things got real meta as characters in a parallel universe auditioned for acting roles in the novel. Gene’s character quickly became more important to the story than we ever could have imagined, especially for being a drunken, chain smoking, starving actor just trying to make a name for himself in the greater LA area.

Cameron knocked this illustration out of the park, and really captured the desperation but never-ending optimism that flows through the alcohol soaked veins. You can find his work on Twitter, or framed in the author’s house.