How It All Began

Ron Carnage was a throw away joke that started on the Reminiscent podcast. The host Pat asked his cohost Tom, in a moment where the conversation was lacking, if he played a role in someone else’s adventure, who would he be. Almost as if it was planned (it wasn’t), Tom proclaimed, “Probably something like Don Carnage, but I’d be terrified of conflict” (paraphrasing, it was forever ago, gimme a break).

This really tickled Pat, and the guys just kept talking about this character Don Carnage. A couple of days went by before a google search destroyed everything they came to love. Don Karnage was a B list character on Duck Tales or some shit, so after much discussion, the guys changed his name to Ron.

A couple days later, Tom mentioned it would be funny to do a movie trailer about Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy, and mere hours after a string of drunken texts from Pat, Tom, the audio producing son of a bitch that he is actually made a damn movie trailer, which can be heard above.

The episode where Ron was created can be found streamed and downloaded below!